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KeepingIt100 is a social event where men and women come together to respond honestly to randomly selected, pre-scripted, open-ended questions regarding relationship dynamics.  Never a dull moment!

While the event is fun and always intriguing, KeepingIt100 is a social change movement focused on debunking and demystifying relationship dynamics between men and women in an effort to bridge a healthier understanding between the sexes. The ultimate endeavor is to start a movement of healthier relationships that lead to stronger marriages and healthier communities.

Although the intent of the event is to provide a comfortable, non-judgmental environment whereby people can have fun and be enlightened, in the four years that this movement has been going, two marriages, three engagements and scores of dating excursions have resulted.

At the conclusion of the event, it’s a house party and we dance the evening away!

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The 2 Piece Podcast featuring Chris Broussard (Zoom Recording)

Fri, May 1, 2020

The passcode to access both videos is the same: ki100@la

Part 1

Part 2

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Meet the Organizers

  • Kerry Neal
    Kerry NealFounder, Board Member + Chief Change Agent
  • Stephanie Farmer
    Stephanie FarmerBoard Member + CFO
  • Raz Williams
    Raz WilliamsCommittee Volunteer, Logistics
  • Dr. Zanita Kelly
    Dr. Zanita KellyNotes to Butterflies + Kitchen Conversationz, Committee Volunteer
  • Donald and Michelle Bell
    Donald and Michelle BellBoard Member & Resident Relationship Expert
  • Stacey Jenkins
    Stacey JenkinsCommittee Volunteer
  • Gregory Bunch
    Gregory BunchCommittee Volunteer
  • Clint Beck
      Clint BeckCommittee Volunteer
    • D’Ette Brown
        D’Ette BrownCommittee Volunteer
      • Anthony Alekhuogie
          Anthony AlekhuogieCommittee Volunteer
        • Brooke Wade
            Brooke WadeNotes to Butterflies + Kitchen Conversationz, Committee Volunteer
          • Jennifer Ndong Smith
              Jennifer Ndong SmithCommittee Volunteer
            • Jasmine Wall
                Jasmine WallMath Literacy Project, Committee Volunteer
              • Charolette Noon
                  Charolette NoonThe Empowered Woman, Committee Volunteer
                • Lynn Beatty
                    Lynn Beatty