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So, what comes to mind when you hear, HUMP DAY?

Perhaps you think it’s a play on words; a sexual innuendo to awaken your sense for provocative thought content.

Or, maybe what comes to mind is a notable expression indicating that it is the middle of the week and we are drawing closer to the weekend.

Whichever you selected, you wouldn’t be wrong.

HUMP DAY is a blog shared each Wednesday which explores male/female relationship dynamics. To name a few, the blog covers anything from how to date, how to break up, understanding the opposite sex, commitment, money, chivalry, interracial dating, availability of “good” black men, independent women, spirituality, and how to get someone to fall in love with you.

Our goal is to make HUMP DAY your most anticipated weekly reading that will entertain with insight, perspective and revolutionary engagement in dealing with the opposite sex and relationships in general. Occasionally, we will push the envelope and challenge you take an inward look to encourage your personal growth.

A wise person once said, “Good judgment comes from experience and experience comes from bad judgment.” We hope to leverage your past pitfalls and current failures to catapult you to a place of thoughtful healthy decision making through our HUMP DAY Blog. A consistent weekly diet of HUMP DAY blog reading will increase the likelihood of optimizing the quality of highly probable dating situations.

In summary, we trust you will be committed to experiencing our HUMP DAY blog over the next several weeks. We won’t promise that you’ll find that special someone, but we will promise that you’ll be a lot savvier when it comes to the landscape of love!

Thanks for joining us. Happy humping!

-Kerry Neal

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