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A few years back Forbes published an article on the top money quotes of all time. I was intrigued by this for so many reasons, but, what seemed to top my list was the curiosity of how many of them would fall into the category of what I had heard growing up; if any. As I perused the long list comprised of one hundred quotes, I began to think about how sayings, proverbs, and even euphemisms shape our vantage point in a cultural sense. Certain sayings are engrained within the fabric of our lives and to some degree govern our decision making. More importantly, I’ve wondered how often we really truly apply these quotes to our way of living as opposed to just reciting them when the perfect scenario presents itself. You see, it’s not enough to commit profound quotes to memory. We must allow the impression they make to motivate us into a correctable action. In essence, walk the talk.

So, in true Migos fashion, I’ve decided to break down some familiar money quotes so that as Keepers, we can all walk it like we talk it.


“Money often costs too much” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

As if Ralph Waldo Emerson being one of the most world-renowned philosophers isn’t enough to just make this quote golden on its own. But what does he mean by money costing, and too much at that? I am going to go out on a limb and attach this to sacrifice. What are we giving up or giving into to earn money? Are you giving up your time, your health, and your relationships? When we begin to chase money the cost will inevitably drain us – literally and figuratively. Unfortunately, this happens more often than we prepare ourselves for. Utilize this quote as a self-check mechanism. Is there any part of your program that you can refocus your energy towards?

“Frugality includes all other virtues” – Cicero

He ain’t never lied. Growing up the only thing I heard tied to being virtuous was patience. But, frugality? That term seemed only to go hand in hand with describing someone cheap; and couldn’t be farther from the truth. To be frugal is to be prudent in the consumption or use of resources. This means there is a lack of wastefulness. Virtues that frugality can be predicated on may include: self-restraint or delayed gratification, efficiency, and discipline. The frugal-minded individual is thought to be intentional with their decisions, understanding that this type of mindfulness not only preserves what they have but makes room for charitable opportunities. Make room Keepers, make room.

“How many millionaires do you know who have become wealthy by investing in savings accounts? I rest my case.” – Robert G Allen

Now, this is definitely motivational. I know I’ve written in the past about ways to save or how to increase your savings – but, a savings account is for a specific, calculated purpose. Talking about earning millions comes with investing in something greater than resulting a 1% return. The key term here is “investing”. When we invest we are committing our money with the expectation of receiving a profit. This requires the willingness to move outside of our comfort zones and be willing to take risks. Unless becoming a millionaire is not your list of achievable goals. I rest my case.

“Money is a terrible master but an excellent servant.” – PT Barnum

Of course, Mr. Barnum himself would know about mastery. I mean the mastery and taming the ferocity of wild animals is likened to taming the beast that money can become in your life. This is pretty simple to digest. If you let it run you it will ruin you. If you master your finances, undoubtedly the possibilities of life will be at your fingertips. Take note that this is applicable to any size of income or net worth.

“Don’t tell me what you value, show me your budget, and I’ll tell you what you value.” – Joe Biden

Good old Uncle Joe. Is it me, or does anything VP Joe Biden says come with a simultaneous sense of humor and candidness. Basically, this is the prime example of the saying the proof is in the pudding. One popular Instagram meme that I often see reads: “my bank account statement is basically a food diary.” Some of our budgets value food, some value shopping, some value trips or vacations, some value education, and some value investing in your future. But if Uncle Joe walked up to you at this very moment and asked to see your budget, would you be hesitant or happily fork it over? Something tells me that “Lucy you got some splainin to do”.

“Before you speak, listen. Before you write, think. Before you spend, earn. Before you invest, investigate. Before you criticize, wait. Before you pray, forgive. Before you quit, try. Before you retire, save. Before you die, give.” –William A. Ward

Wow, that’s a long list of to-do. As if our lives are not already jam-packed with board meetings, play dates, conference calls, yoga and cross fit training sessions. But, I chose to include this last quote because it’s important. A lot of times we get caught in the rat race of daily life and forget to do the “before’s”. We jump right into wanting our end result without preparing for it optimally. Make this one a little more personal by adding your own “Before you…”


Keepers, feel free to share any of your favorite makin’ money moves quotes below.




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