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C’mon, don’t front.

We all want love and to be loved.

And whether you want to get married or not, most of us look forward to finding that special someone to call our own.

With the evolution of technology, namely social media, smartphones, and of course, the camera function on the smartphones, it has created a new mushrooming subculture that has virtually changed the game in terms of personal promotion.

You may have heard of this worldwide phenomenon…it’s called a selfie.

Now, by chance, you’re just not that much into smartphone technology and social media, please allow me to quickly explain the concept of a selfie: A selfie is when a person takes a picture of themselves and places it on social media for others to see and provide affirming feedback. Or, the picture is taken to be send as an attachment to another person’s smartphone.

Got it? Good. Let’s continue.

Depending on the recency of your smartphone technology, you can enhance your selfies with amazing quality and clarity. Most newer smartphones are also equipped with filters that allow you to mask unfavorable facial blemishes. Thus, it serves as an electronic makeup kit to create an illusion of beauty, just like makeup does. If your smartphone does not come with this function, no need to worry. Just go to your App Store application and you’ll find a plethora of filter apps for your photo/selfie modification deceptive tactics.

Now, with a smartphone in hand and all of these resources to showcase the best YOU possible, and with the often-used social media platforms of Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter—used by billions of people around the world—imagine the fun you can have promoting imagines of yourself for whatever purpose you choose to use it for.

And if you’re wondering if people use social media to find love, you’d be correct.

I mean, why wouldn’t a person use this medium to promote themselves for love? Social media gives you the platform to showcase yourself in circles and to people you’d never meet in a lifetime. Heck, you’re looking for them and they are looking for you! But before you continue this journey—that seems to make sense—consider this: posting selfies may be counterproductive in your efforts to find true love. Let’s explore further.

Google Stats states that 93 Million selfies were taken PER DAY as far back as 2014—and believe it or not, this statistic is from Android device usage ALONE. As a matter of fact, one poll found that 1 out of every 3 pictures taken by 18-24 year old’s is a selfie.

So, with this in mind, please allow me to give you 3 reasons why selfies might block your blessing—the blessing being your desired future partner.

  1. Multiple selfies suggest that you’re just too much into yourself. I mean—really. How many angles of your face do we need to see and the frequency of your mugshot? And consider this: when a person takes a selfie and posts it, it’s not like it was one shot and placed on social media for the world to see. Ooooh nooo. Research suggests that every posted selfie is the culminating photo selected out of an average of at least 7 shots. So, the next time you see a selfie, whether it’s sent to you directly or you see it on social media, let that person know that you appreciate their labor of love and commitment to excellence to yield that posted selfie. You must admire their diligence. Click this link and get more insight on the barriers of posting selfies: https://www.iflscience.com/editors-blog/warning-your-selfie-obsession-could-ruin-your-relationship/
  1. Issues for Men. Men, if you post a lot of selfies, many women will just think you’re just a major narcissist. Or it can be interpreted that you are all about you and likely not willing to give, share, or unable to be adequately sacrificial for a relationship. While this might be further from the truth, it is a real perception many women have and share. In addition, many women find it strange when men post multiple selfies (I’ve heard women say that they can’t be with a man who spends more time in the mirror than themselves).


  1. Issues for Women—While we men may drool over your selfies and bombard your timeline feed with cat calls, compliments and curiosity, we likely won’t see you as a lifetime partner. Indeed, we as men can have wild fantasies about the incredible curves we see on social media. But most men will not want to commit to a woman long term they feel that has been dangled to the world. This is particularly the case when your selfies leave little for the masculine imagination.


German researchers featured in Frontiers in Psychology suggest that most of us would prefer to never see a selfie ever again. In a recent study, they surveyed 238 persons who regularly use social media. Although 77 percent of them often took selfies, 62-67 percent agreed that there are negative potential consequences of selfies, and 82 percent would prefer to see more normal photos and less selfies. Just keep this in mind the next time you post a selfie and if you think you’ll ultimately attract your soulmate. Even when you buffer your fleshly selfie with the all-time classic line, “Just Me” or accompanied by an inspirational quote. We all know what’s up.



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