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Ah, here is a textbook example of the blessing and curse of social media when you’re famous.

You are verified and have millions of social media followers.  And if this is  the case, there’s not much you can and can’t do that won’t receive massive coverage from the media.  Even better, there’s no escaping the court of public opinion.   Well, unless you’ve had your head in the sand or make it your business to avoid pop culture at all costs these past couple of days, you have at least heard about Cardi B and Offset’s relationship challenges.  

Two wildly successful recording artists who married about a year ago and built a family together.  It’s like a modern day fairy tale.  However, that same public platform that continues to drive their fame, success and notoriety is now bombarding them with opinions of their relationship struggles.  More specially, Offset’s recent effort to win back his wife and the method in which he went about it.

In an creative and unexpected fashion, the famed Migos rapper interrupted Cardi B’s live performance (where she was also being honored) with hundreds of roses.  With a remorseful tone and a mic in hand, he apologized to Cardi B and essentially begged for her to take him back.

You know, I have to be honest, while his approach was a bit (well, a lot) unorthodox and risky, I personally admire his efforts…not so much his methodology, but his desire in being relentless to win her back.  I say this recognizing that I’m in the minority with my opinion.  Many feel that Offset made the public apology all about him by stealing her spotlight, being insensitive to her personal evolution of healing, and the opinions go on and on.

Here’s my ultimate angle on it.  Relationships are tough and restoring them after major infractions require time and seclusion.

If anyone reading this blog has NEVER been guilty of harming the person they love, even if the infraction occurred unintentionally, please contact us. We need to conduct a full research study on you and find a way to replicate you!

Now don’t get me wrong–just because we’ve all fallen short before of hurting our mate does NOT justify Offset, or anyone’s role in doing what’s wrong in their relationship.  That said, long-term relationships are quite dynamic.  Relationships and particularly marriages, are marathons and not sprints.  The two people in a relationship are always evolving and growing together.  Some of the best marriages and relationships are built on the foundation of commitment and overcoming major infractions.

Here’s a bit of advice—give Offset and Cardi B a bit of space to work out their lives.  I know it’s hard because their lives are all over our cell phones.  But just because you’re atop the rap game as an artist and have millions of IG/Twitter followers, does not exempt them from the opportunity to figure out their lives moving forward.  A recent IG post by Cardi B to her fans was a message of thanks for the outpouring of support. However, she also made it clear that she needs space and privacy from public opinion as she tries to figure out what she wants to do long-term about her marriage.

Here are classic marital vows: Richer or poorer, better or worse, sickness and in health, till death do us depart. If you think about this, it covers any and every situation. It’s my opinion that unless the two persons considering marriage are able to fully embrace this, they will find a reason to leave the relationship.  There are just way too many turns along the road of marriage that will bring challenge–even if you leave unfaithfulness out of the equation.  There must be an uncanny determination that each person is committed to advancing each’s best interests.  Moreover, it’s important that the two are also committed to rectifying the infraction immediately when there’s a slip up.  But again, this is for the two people in the relationship to determine. It’s way too easy to judge what one should do when in a relationship challenge.  If we are honest, we would simply impose our own experiences and journey.  I’m not sure how impartial we can truly be giving our opinion on Cardi B and Offset’s marriage.

In summary–am I saying that Cardi B and Offset should formally reunite?  That would be my hope as they are married and have a newborn child.  I personally hate divorce.  But I also know that relationships take a lot of work.  Some are willing to make it work and sometimes the pain and circumstances are so unbearable the relationship cannot be salvaged.  But ultimately only the two of them REALLY know what’s best for them.


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