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Statement from Founder of #KeepingIt100LA Kerry:

One of the many reasons why men and women can’t find a harmonious connection is because of their childhood pain going unaddressed. Maybe they try to say something, like R. Kelly’s brother (Carey Kelly) did to R. Kelly, and get a response like, “That didn’t happen.” And we wonder why people can’t trust each other or perpetually fail in relationships.

If you are a victim: Get the help you need to address your childhood pain. It can give you a better opportunity to manage emotional damage for a more functional upside, not to mention the ability to help you with having a healthier approach with your children.

For perpetrators in the shadows, the same goes for you #KeepIt100 about your actions and get help to change.

We are about building and restoring black love as well as the black family. The dysfunction in our community has a lot to do with nonsensical things taking place and no one ever does anything about it. Family secrets, abusive cousins and relatives, pregnancies outside of the family; we are all too familiar with these family dynamics.

  • Effective immediately, we are an official advocate of the #MuteRKelly movement.

  • As for our events, we are a “No R.Kelly Zone”. None of his music will be played at our events.
  • Lastly, it is my personal conviction now that not being proactive here makes us complicit with what’s going on. We need to make this stance formal because this is an attack on our community and our women and girls. And it’s gone on for WAY TOO LONG. 


-Kerry Neal
Founder & Chief Social Change Agent

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