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I’m still over here jumping for joy and on Cloud 9.

Can’t believe Spike Lee finally got some love from the Academy for his exceptional skills as a film director!  I know this is old news—I even mentioned this in my previous blog.  But in my mind, it was long overdue! 

That being said, and though I thoroughly enjoyed Black Klansman, I have to say that this wasn’t Spike’s best work in my opinion.

No—it’s not Do the Right Thing.

Not Jungle Fever.

Not She’s Gotta Have It, Malcolm X nor Crooklyn. 

But don’t get me wrong—these films were classic.  But from my view, his best work was expressed in The Inside Man.

This movie, starring Denzel Washington, Clive Owen and Jodie Foster, had to do with a successful bank robbery in Manhattan that took place in broad daylight—while everyone was alert and security was at its peak. Meaning, the bank was robbed and no one knew who did it

Well, if you rob a bank, you have to run and leave the bank at some point, correct?  Of course—and the police and detectives thought the same.  They searched the Big Apple high and low with basically no findings.

Now how can you rob an incredibly popular bank at about 2PM in the afternoon in Manhattan and get away with it? Impossible, right?


Because the bank robbers were on the inside of the bank the entire time while the authorities searched everywhere outside.  Watch the movie if you haven’t seen it.  I highly recommend it.

So now I’m applying this to you.

If you reside in southern California, especially Los Angeles—the entertainment capital of the world, there’s a whole lot of emphasis on the superficial.  There’s also an enormous value placed on where you live, what you drive, the type of designer clothing you wear, and the places you go to be seen including your income bracket.  Matter of fact, depending on the circle of friends that you’re in, those people might not even care about your character just as long as aesthetically you pass the eye test.  I would even go as far as saying that if you are broke and staring, but look the part, you can wiggle your way into someone’s life and get access to all of their resources.

Moreover, I’ve seen people get high level sophisticated jobs just because they looked like they could do the job.

Let me tell you—we spend a lot of money making sure our outer selves are spectacular and stunning.  Unfortunately, we don’t pay as nearly much attention to who we are on the inside. Or, we do and we know we have issues—but we will cover it up with make-up and muscles.

It is said that 1 in 3 African Americans have some form of mental health challenge.  Not that they require being admitted to a psych ward, but that many of us are walking around managing years of trauma that has NEVER been dealt with.

There’s a reason why you shy away from commitment.  Or that you just can’t seem to trust that person you’ve been dating for some time despite his or her nearly impeccable record of supporting you. Or that you’ll never marry again because the imprint of the painful divorce you’ve went through is still as fresh today as it was 10 years ago.

Trust me when I say this:  You are far more of who you are internally than who you are externally.  You may have all the awards of achievement on your wall at home, the best job with the most glorious home and car.  But you know what’s up when you go to bed at night.  Focus on the inside man.

I submit to you—finding true love is birthed out of you loving yourself first.  Find out why you’re struggling with trust, commitment and other areas that erect walls with people that are trying to connect with you.    Just google Black therapists in your area and invest in your mental health.

There’s an old saying:  If there’s no enemy within, the enemy outside can do us no harm.


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