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Eurocentric standards of beauty and black women’s exploration of beauty on their own terms have always been a problematic factor, especially when societal behaviors and norms are framing the experience black women have around their own beauty. In this video from The Guardian, black women of all complexions, ages, and ethnic backgrounds discuss their feelings of being ignored or marginalized in either skin tone. Can you relate to their experience?

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  • Stephanie L Farmer

    It’s so unfortunate that our community is still grappling with color and it’s painful when I see how this affects the self esteem and options for Black Women in all aspects of life: dating, career, family, etc. This is still the big elephant topic in the room we need to heal from

  • TC

    You need to bring men into this conversation of colorism especially black men!! We always have the conversation with black women! Black men have been fed and conditioned to believe the lie that light, bright and white skin tones is the standard of beauty in women.

    Black men need to be addressed about it. And whats ironic is, why is it that white men love and appreciate the dark skin black woman more than black men??

    When over 70% of black women are single and or never been married we have a problem that we can’t heal from until we address it at its core. Black women can love ourselves all day, but we wanna be loved by our black men just the same.

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