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Hello Keepers!

Well here we are and it’s mid-Summer 2020 in this very unconventional year. Dating can be nerve wracking even under the best of circumstances—but dating in the age of Covid-19 comes with some pretty serious and important questions about safety and comfort levels. Whether you’ve been with someone for a while but don’t live together, or are interested in meeting someone for the first time, there are certain precautions you need to take while dating during the coronavirus pandemic. Throw changing local regulations into the mix—and, of course, your own anxious feelings about coronavirus—and it can be seriously confusing whether it’s OK to put yourself out there.

Well if it’s mutually decided that you want to meet up with your date here are five things you can do this summer in Los Angeles which are safe and allow connection:

  1. Take a Walk (Beach/Hiking Trail/Parks): Not only are there wonderful health benefits with walking but it’s easy to do for short and long distances. Walking with someone and having a stimulating conversation makes the walking even more pleasurable.  Naturally there are regulations that must be followed for beach openings, parking, social distancing, etc. Always check the latest details in your city for opening/closing/restrictions for local places.  Don’t forget your mask!
  2. Go to a Drive-in Movie: Drive-ins in Los Angeles have been allowed to resume their screenings—with some adjustments—and almost all of the nearby drive-in theaters have reopened. In fact, Actor Michael B. Jordan is curating a free Drive-in movie series which will be shown at dozens of theaters across the nation this summer, including here in Los Angeles. “A Night at the Drive-In,” which is being co-produced by Amazon Studios and Jordan’s production company Outlier Society, began July 1 and will run through the end of August. The series is highlighting films about people of color. To reserve passes click here: https://amazonscreenings.com/main/blp/YW5pZ2h0YXR0aGVkcml2ZWlu#mini-movie-info
  3. Pick Up Dinner at a Black Owned Restaurant: With so many restaurants being challenged to stay open during this pandemic, there are so many options for picking up food. Why not support a Black owned Restaurant and dine at home or outside (if it’s safe to do so). For a list of Black Owned Restaurants in Los Angeles click here: https://www.buzzfeed.com/kirbybeaton/black-owned-restaurants-los-angeles
  4. Netflix Party: Netflix Party is a free Chrome extension that lets people spend time together without actually getting together. It’s easy to download and only one person needs a Netflix account. Why not watch a movie together as the download sets up a chat room and synchronizes the video/movie for everyone watching.
  5. Cook a Meal Together Via Skype/ Facebook Chat Room/Zoom. Etc.:  Why not have a virtual dinner party? It can be the two of you or even a dinner party? There are so many creative ideas for making a healthy dish and even eating it together and staying safe at home.

And if these five ideas are not enough here is a bonus event happening in Los Angeles the week of September 2, 2020:

A floating cinema is coming to Los Angeles in which you can watch a movie on water! For more information about this unique experience, please follow this link:


Enjoy your summer and by all means remain safe Keepers!

Just Keeping it 100,


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