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I do not know who, but somebody out there needs to read this blog.

The way you feel about yourself will determine the decisions you make in life, and the decisions you make in life reflect the way you think of yourself.

And this is especially the case when it comes to relationships.

In many ways, the way we go about engaging the opposite sex in intimate relationships and marriages is a personification of our souls. Some people have happy and meaningful relationships where there is a healthy amount of reciprocation of respect, thoughtfulness, and motivation to please each other. These experiences with the opposite sex will unlock the safety latch that leads to vulnerability, thus creating real intimacy.

But what happens when the respect starts to become hit and miss and common decency is no longer the norm. What do you do? Again, the way you feel about yourself will inform your response.

How about we look at this another way.

In finance, especially in investments, there are two concepts called market value and intrinsic value. These are terms that refer to the actual cost of a stock and the stock’s perceived value. For instance, let us say a stock’s value at $300.00 per share. Although that is the stock’s current price, some may feel it is worth buying at the asking price. Others may think it is priced too high, so they will bypass the stock altogether or wait until the price drops. The person willing to buy it at its stated price is ready to make the purchase based on what the market suggests its value is—but the person refusing to invest has determined that it too pricy.

Now, how about we swap out the stocks and insert you (yes—YOU) into this scenario.

For some time now, you have longed for marriage. Then, a guy comes along. There is a mutual attraction, not to mention that you both have a great deal in common. You decide to date, and for the first three months, it is a blissful experience. Then one evening, you ask him about his aspirations for marrying one day and having a family. Not only is he not interested in getting married, but he is also dating another woman and desires to date the two of you simultaneously. He clearly understands your longing to marry one day, but instead, he would prefer to maintain an ongoing dating relationship with you while seeing the other woman as well. In this example, either you are firm in the valuation of yourself and not willing to settle for the market rate of being a guy’s side piece when you are clear about your intrinsic value of being a quality woman worthy of an exclusive commitment.

A brilliant salesperson once said, “If the perceived value (intrinsic value) of the product exceeds the price (market value), the customer buys every time.”

How much are you worth?


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