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When people say their wedding vows, do they give much thought much about the part of the wedding vow that says, “To love and to honor in sickness and in health”?

More often than not, the reality of “sickness” materializes out of nowhere. if your spouse is diagnosed with a chronic illness, you may begin to realize that your life, your spouse’s life and your marriage will never again be the same.

Shannon and Bechir Sylvain shared their story about Shannon’s illness on Black Love a couple of years ago. Shannon was diagnosed with colon cancer in her first year of marriage to Bechir. Although this video is short, we knew that the journey that Shannon and Bechir were on was an important lesson for us all to learn from and think about. Unfortunately, Shannon passed away not long after this episode aired but the relevance of her story resonates for this week’s blog topics of Health and Wellness in the Black Community.

Shannon was amazing and accomplished a lot in her life. She shared details of her experience with being diagnosed with cancer in her own way

Video Courtesy of OWN and YouTube

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