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I do not consider myself a major TV watcher, despite the fact that I follow sports, the news, and stream movies when I have time. There has not been a TV Series that has lured me to the point that I binge watch episodes and get into discussions online with fellow followers of a series. Well, I guess I can never say never, I just recently started watching a new TV Series on AMC called “Soulmates” and I am hooked!

Soulmates is set approximately 15 years in the future, and a company called Soul Connex has developed a test that can determine the person you were most meant to love with 100 percent accuracy. The Soulmates test is a machine that shines a light into your eye and matches you with your soul mate. People who take the test either learn of their soulmate or have the choice to pursue that person, or they get a response of, “Your soulmate hasn’t tested yet.”  The first season is streaming now with six unique stories about the cost of finding true love.

Needless to say, the theme of the show is whether or not love is destiny or a choice. I actually have given major consideration as to whether or not I would take a test like this and I also asked my boyfriend and other close friends. Before I share our responses, I want to just share the synopsis of the first episode of the show:

Nikki and Franklin are a happily married couple who were college sweethearts and have two children. After seeing her brother, Peter, and friend, Jennifer, successfully find soulmates using the Soul Connex technology, Nikki secretly takes the Soul Connex test without telling her husband, Franklin. Concerned that he is losing Nikki after she reveals the truth, Franklin announces he’s taken the test and wants to be with his soulmate match, just as Nikki had decided to give their marriage one more try. Doesn’t sound like a Happy Ending at all does it?

Okay, now I will reveal what the collective responses were from me, my boyfriend, and other close friends and I will Keep it 100: some of us are married, some of us are in a relationship, and some of us are single. However, all of us stated we would not take the test. Why you all may ask?

First of all, all of us believe in organic chemistry and connection between two people. This is truly something that happens without any effort, it’s when you can talk effortlessly to someone for hours and feel like you have known them forever, without anything feeling awkward. There is no need for a test to be taken to have an attraction toward someone. Haven’t we all had our crushes in our youth and young adulthood without the help of a test?

Second, there are too many examples of people who met their soulmates through so many means without a “test” being taken  with the number one way of people meeting their soulmates is being through mutual friends (which are organic connections) and the relationships have been long lasting and harmonious.  Meeting people organically will never go out of style!

Third, navigating through relationships allows us to grow as individuals: we build social confidence, learn social skills like manners, consideration for others, cooperation, and conversation. Dating allows us to grow as Individuals when things do not work out: Rejection is a normal and healthy part of dating — it implies that people have opinions, preferences and standards. We aren’t simply dating each other out of convenience, kindness, politeness or pity. Men and women need to discover the kinds of roles they find fulfilling in a close relationship. This can only be accomplished in actual situations with the opposite sex.

Fourth and probably the most thought provoking, is the timing question: when would it be time to actually take the test? After you have established yourself and have the career you want? Should you take the test at a certain age in life? Even if you did take the test and your soulmate was revealed, would you be ready to pursue them for a relationship? What if your soulmate appeared and you were already in a relationship?

As revealed in the TV Series, even if you met your “Soulmate” through a test, similar to Soul Connex, life still is not perfect, especially in a constantly changing world.

So my fellow Keepers, my question to you is, Would You Take the Test?

Just Keeping it 100,


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