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Dr. Sean Mc Millan chats with authors, Dr. Dianne Stewart and Cole Brown, about their books “Black Women. Black Love” and “Greyboy: Finding Blackness in a White World” to discuss affects of white American culture on Black marriages and Black Identity.

Dr. Dianne Stewarts Book, “Black Women. Black Love” is a journey that begins with enslaved women and men arriving in America, and chronicles the many obstacles and often tragic results of four centuries of Black oppression. The book can be a hard read emotionally, and Stewart says some parts were hard to write: Her research ranges from the breaking of family bonds during enslavement, to the terror following Reconstruction, to the adverse effects of federal and state welfare programs, and repercussions of mass incarceration.  

Cole Brown’s Book, “Greyboy: Finding Blackness in a White World” is a narrative through a series of personal anecdotes and interviews with his peers. Cole Brown transports us to his adolescence and explores what it’s like to be young and in search of identity. He digs into the places where, in youth, a greyboy’s difference is most acutely felt: parenting, police brutality, politics, depression, and dating, to name a few.

If you are looking for books to read that are insightful and can derive a great conversation, pick up one or both of these books.

Dr. Sean Mc Millan, also provides a message to us all at the beginning of this video: “Vote, and Let Your Voice be Heard”

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