The 5 Things That Earn A Woman’s Respect

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The Spicy Life, featuring Spicy Mari, Relationship Expert & Magnetic Matchmaker

Is respect earned or given? This Episode of @thespicylife Relationship Expert @spicymari sits down with a group of superior women to discuss “THE 5 THINGS THAT EARN A WOMAN’S RESPECT.”

+ Emmy Award Winning Celebrity Hair Stylist, Founder of Conscious Curls Hair @angelacstyles explains how there are multiple forms of security that makes a woman feel safe and guess what, it’s not all rooted in finances.

+ Radio Personality & Founder of Amigas4mysoul @RaqC explains her personal lessons about why a woman needs to feel like a man can provide, profess and protect.

+ Celebrity Fitness Coach & Founder of ISC Wellness App @ingridsclay discusses how consistency and communication demonstrates to a woman that you are trustworthy.

+ DJ, Radio Personality & Founder of Masked By La Rose @hiabbydelarosa breaks down how men can make a woman feel powerful through inclusion and requesting her opinion in decisions.

Tune in and find out what these ladies have to say about leadership, chivalry, and what makes a woman vulnerable!

Video Courtesy of The Spicy Life and YouTube

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