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Dating Coach Stephan Labossiere

Do you think women are all about money? Don’t go broke trying to date her is a dating and relationship advice video to help you avoid mistakes men make when dating women. Trying too hard to impress her can set you up for huge failure…

Dating Coach Stephan Labossiere provides advice to the men about dating women and what not to do: Go broke trying to Date a Woman.

When dating women, you should not try to win her attention and love with money. Money should be the icing on the cake and it should be the extra benefit that you provide, but it should not be what represents you or how you define yourself.

Even if she is drawn to you knowing that you are successful or heard about your success or has an idea of your success or financial position, she should only want to date and be with you as a man, and not because of what you have in your pocket. Of course, women do care about financial stability and they do desire that in a man. However, don’t go broke trying to date her. Dating is about getting to know each other, not using all of your money to get her.

Great Advice!

Video Courtesy of @Stephanspeaks and YouTube

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