The 2020 Holiday Season Is Like No Other: We Are All In This Together

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Hello Keepers,

The 2020 Holiday Season certainly magnifies the unprecedented restrictions we must all take to protect ourselves and others from catching Covid-19.  No matter what your relationship status is everyone is affected by the Pandemic Restrictions:

  • For Single People, the Holiday Season has traditionally been a time when single people could have numerous opportunities to meet someone new at an event; instead virtual parties have replaced in person events.
  • Married/Committed Couples also face challenges if there is a difference in opinion about social distancing with friends and family members outside of the household.
  • Everyone has to make tough decisions about whether or not it’s safe to do any holiday traveling as traveling poses so many risks.

It’s pretty evident that we all must accept the fact that this year is a different experience for all of us. Clinical Trials for a vaccine are still underway and the long term effectiveness of the vaccine is still unknown. It is certainly understandable that it will take more time for things to get back to “normal” and for people in general to feel comfortable taking the vaccine.

Despite the unexpected challenges we all have had this year there are still happily married and /or committed couples who are balancing this new “normal”.

Single people are still meeting each other as courtship has been resurrected and is taking a front seat: Abiding by social distancing while getting close to someone can be frustrating, but “pandemic dating” offers a chance to date in new ways. Showing someone you care looks different than it did a year ago. Being cautious is now a sexy character trait, and planning a good date might have nothing to do with snagging a hot restaurant reservation. A good date may be going for a walk, cooking at home (even via Zoom) and streaming movies via a Netflix Party.

Shouldn’t courtship be the way that people should connect and get to know one another during the dating process just in general?

Courtship is always beautiful, especially during the holiday season!

If you are single, do not isolate yourself, continue to participate in those virtual events and give of yourself to those in need. Remember to continue to focus on self-love as this is important for your mental and physical health. You will also improve your self-esteem for being ready for a relationship.

If you are in a committed relationship or married, remember to continue to give each other space, have “date nights”, and have frank, honest, discussions about spending time with family members outside of the household.

So whether you are single or in a relationship, there are options for attending holiday events such as drive through holiday experiences and virtual holiday parties. Do not stop enjoying interacting with people!

I wish you all a very Happy and Safe Holiday Season and despite the Covid-19 restrictions remember the following:

  • Love is not cancelled.
  • Relationships are not cancelled.
  • Imagination is not cancelled.
  • Kindness is not cancelled.
  • Conversations are not cancelled.
  • Hope is not cancelled.

We Are All in This Together

Just Keeping it 100,


Picture Courtesy of jomichelleartistry

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