Are You Sabotaging Your Dreams?

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Brian Johnson aka BJ The Dreamer has achieved nothing but success by manifesting his dreams. The best-selling author, podcaster and host of The Dreamer Series  has made it his mission to “share the everyday process of what it means to be a dreamer” through numerous media platforms, including Instagram. “I strive to give people the steps, the process and examples of people living their dreams as a source of inspiration, ideas and motivation,” says Johnson. Drawing inspiration from the strongest woman he’s ever met, his mother, along with carrying a “divine sense of purpose,” it’s impossible to not feel his uplifting aura from your mobile screen.

Brian gave a riveting interview with @thespicylife Relationship Expert @spicymari to discuss how to conquer the negative voices that prevent our dreams from coming to fruition.

The content of the video contains some amazing information as well as this message:

“When you learn how to defeat “self,” the process of living your dreams will actualize! Learn to be self-aware, to have or find the knowledge you need to make a change, and then the discipline to overcome any obstacles that are preventing you from being the best you. When you are conscious of that, you can move to action. Start the journey of self-actualization – become hyper-focused on what you want to change, and you can see your dreams materialize.”

Video Courtesy of The Spicy Life and YouTube

Picture Courtesy of Brian Johnson via Instagram

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