How Do I Attract The Right People?

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Sylvester McNutt III is an 8x bestselling author, podcaster, public speaker, course creator, and brand new father. Sylvester teaches people how to transform their mindsets through self-awareness and healing practices. As a retired arena football player and survivor of traumatic experiences, Sylvester has used storytelling to teach people how to introspect, gain confidence, and sustain self-love. Sylvester’s core belief is that healing is the key to success & self-awareness unlocks freedom.

In this video, Sylvester gives us nuggets to think about in terms of who was in our life when things are going so well and who was not in our life when things were not going so well.

As we all begin 2021 and think about self love, there are key takeaways in this video that we can all think about and keep in mind.

Video Courtesy of Sylvester McNutt III and YouTube

Picture Courtesy of Sylvester Mc Nutt III

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