Healthy Cooking: A Reimagined Recipe for Success

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Now that many of our favorite restaurants are open, and we can also have gatherings for reunions and cookouts, most of us are indulging in our favorite foods that we love and that also may have us disappointed when we step on the scale. We can appreciate the fact that there are innovative folks who have discovered ways in which we can enjoy a healthier version of our favorite dishes.

Kevin Curry is the Founder of Fit Men Cook, transforming what it means to eat clean with a rolodex of healthy recipes that he posts on social media. In this video he shows us how you can make a healthier version of a popular 1,800 calorie pasta into a 600 calorie version even with additional sides…the journey he takes us on is fast and easy to follow…its never too late to start eating healthier! Better yet, its even more fun if you do it with friends, family, or your significant other!

Video Courtesy of Fit Men Cook and YouTube

Picture Courtesy of Fit Men Cook

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