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Hello Keepers,

The last time a blog was published it was immediately after our holiday party and we were excited about the participation of so many folks who came from all over Southern California to celebrate the holiday season.

We took a 2 week break for the 2021 holiday season and a lot has happened during the course of the two weeks most notably the following:

The Omicron Covid 19 variant is on the rise…so we are really being encouraged to wear masks and get vaccinated. Covid Testing is going on at a rate we have not seen since 2020.

The finale of the beloved HBO series Insecure aired during the holiday season and we witnessed a happy ending for all of the characters we love…

The couple we all were rooting for and thought represented the “couple goal” Devon Franklin and Meagan Good announced they were divorcing. This was certainly a shock and we wish both parties the very best…

There were notable passings of influential people who represented the struggle and triumph for all people worldwide in 2021 such as Cicely Tyson, Colin Powell and during the holiday season Desmond Tutu.

As we begin the year 2022…new years resolutions are being shared and suggested and of course many of us have couples goals: there is a prediction that the year 2022 will set a new high for wedding ceremonies.

Given that may be the case if you are not married are you ready to be married?

If you are already married, are you looking to continue to strengthen your union?

Whatever your goals are please do not give up and remember the following:

Yes…the year 2021 was challenging…

Life is challenging, but without contrast, we can’t evolve.

We need the good, bad, and ugly to propel us to become the best version of ourselves.  

And guess what? You made it!

You are wiser, stronger, and more connected to who you are because of it.  

But how can you continue to evolve?

The answer is pretty simple: Raising your standards.

When it comes to making new year’s resolutions, is this bad or good? Some people say they are unhelpful because there is the possibility of despair if you fail.

But then isn’t failing not trying at all?  

So follow through with those self love goals of being healthier, wealthier, and more successful!

So follow through with that resolution to find your soulmate and take that chance when you feel a connection to someone who can be a potential significant other if you desire to be in a relationship…

It’s 2022 and Time to Focus on You!

Just Keeping it 100,


Picture Courtesy of @blackloveisdope

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