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Is anyone really in the Christmas spirit this Holiday Season?  It’s kinda hard to deck the halls when our nation is in a constant state of chaos. How do you make it through this already stressful time of year with “whipipo” refusing to let a sista’ have the fairy-tale royal wedding, Number 45 consistently telling bold-faced lies on and off camera; and the ultimate kick in the crotch, Matt “Today Show” Lauer, turns out to be the biggest creep of them all? (All this in just one week’s news cycle) How are we to get our hearts and heads into the spirit of the season and sustain a healthy mental and spiritual disposition when most of us have already had enough?

We know that we should maintain a healthy diet, stay hydrated, and workout regularly. This is indisputable medical science.. The struggle can be real with diet and exercise, let’s face it, most of us want to look good in our selfies and snaps. What we fail to realize, is the importance of maintaining our inner SELF (spiritual energy life force) or our mental/spiritual well-being. What are the indisputable medical facts around self-care and your spiritual health?  It is vital to know the negative impact of stress, poor quality relationships, and spending an inordinate amount of time marinating in toxic news on our physical and spiritual health.

Understandably, this is an exceptionally busy and emotionally intense time of year. From traveling (and sacrificing our firstborn to the airline gods) to visit family, to check off all the items of our loved one’s Christmas checklists; a lot of us are one snide comment away from choking out our favorite TT.  How do we maintain our lovely positive vibes (and stay out of jail), this holiday season as our favs do the tootsie roll on our last nerves?

We are offering 3 practical tools to maintain your spiritual health aka chill during the Holidays:

  1. Stay grounded in your spiritual practice.

Do you have a routine that builds you up and empowers you spiritually? Examine your practice and find what grounds you, find what replenishes you, and supports your peace of mind and well-being. Whether you have a close relationship with God, find yourself at one with nature, or you get your solace in meditation – make it a priority in your daily routine. Schedule the time to allow for maintenance of your soul.

  1. Beware of joy snatchers: high vibes only.  

Spending time with family is a part of the Christmas Season. Lord knows we don’t get along with everybody we call family, but we don’t have to let unhealthy connections sour our experience. Know your buttons and the family members that push them. And remember, life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react. When T.T. Geraldine asks you why you can’t keep a man, you don’t ask her why she can’t keep her lights on.  High-frequency interactions assist in maintaining solid spiritual grounding when you master your spiritual practice (as in step 1). If you are consistent in your spiritual practice, identifying and not reacting to the people that deplete your energy rather than fill you up will be a breeze.

  1. Stay away from overindulging in the news.

Limit your social media engagement, non-stop news coverage, and everything that brings drama. Even if you are passively watching someone else’s baby daddy drama unfold (or that Love and Hip Hop fight compilation on your news feed) you are impacted vicariously by trauma-based events. Watching police murder civilians, terrorist acts, and mass political unrest will bring you down to a low vibration and make you more vulnerable to low-frequency interactions. Stay informed and remain passionate about your rights but do not overindulge in 24-hour doomsday coverage of the apocalypse.

As you are packing your bags to travel this season to see Pookie ‘nem, or as you welcome them into your home this Holiday Season, arm yourself with these practical tools for maintaining your spiritual balance. What is your spiritual practice and how do you maintain your chill during the Holiday Season? Comment below, we’d love to hear from you.

Notes to Butterflies is a mental-health and wellness service organization with the mission to provide tools and resources for women that have experienced emotional and spiritual trauma. Co-founders Dr. Zanita Kelly and Brooke Wade developed the comprehensive program: A Field Guide to Transformation and Wellness of Mind Body and Spirit, to support women and girls as they work through traumatic, and spiritually damaging events. The mental health treatment program is designed to assist women in the healing process, and give them access to tools that will allow them to make healthier life choices. The program is intended to holistically approach mental health treatment by addressing the client’s spiritual and emotional needs along with physical interventions.

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  • Stephanie L Farmer

    Thanks for this wonderful advice! In my own experience I have indeed experienced the Holiday blues in my past and tried to immerse myself in work only to become more frustrated because I was working and everyone else was having fun. ( At least that is what I assumed but learned otherwise in a lot of cases) I also allowed toxic people to dominate my life. After 6 years of this horrible cycle (yes 6 years) I finally had an epiphany and realized life was too short to not relax and enjoy doing SOMETHING. One of the advantages of living in Los Angeles is that we have so many options…so about four years ago I created a bucket list of activities to do during the holiday season each year that make ME happy. My soul truly had been comforted and I can check off several fun things that I have done and will do again. I also removed myself from toxic people and make it impossible for them to enter my sphere anymore. As the authors mentioned…mental and spiritual health is necessary as it does affect physical health.

    • Brooke wade

      Thank you so much for sharing! I replied below!!

  • Brooke wade

    Stephanie! Awesome feedback!! Sometimes we remain in the same routine because naturally we all can be creatures of habit!! Thank goodness for growth and understanding…I LOVE your bucket list of holiday activities. It allows you to explore, and break that toxic routine. I think I will also take that advice, and create a list of my own!! Thanks so much for sharing

    • Stephanie Farmer

      Hugs to you Brooke Wade!

  • Zeda

    Wowwww just wowwwww

    • Brooke

      Thank you so much for reading!!!! Love you

  • Ian Sean

    This is great! I am pleased to know your ideas have found a home to uplift, fulfill, encourage and transform lives. As we’ve discussed, sometimes the change we desire lands in our lap,then compels us to “do the work” and beautifully begins to reach others around us.

    Both of you are light in dark spaces, and I applaud your work and look forward to the book!! Yeah, just like that, I spoke it into existence!! Someone is depending on your voice.

    • Brooke

      We are equally excited about hearing your voice in book form! Our stories are for healing and transcendence. Thank you sooo much for your support and friendship!!

    • Zanita

      You have a home in Cali! Let’s do this together.

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