Why Are Black Women So Angry?

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Check out this video from BuzzFeed with women who are dissecting the stereotype of the angry black woman and its constant misinterpretation. The video provides examples of attacks on women like Leslie Jones and Michelle Obama, and gives space for the featured women to reflect on their own vulnerability while offering advice for younger women to overcome the frustration.



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  • Stephanie Farmer

    Really very powerful video and it speaks the harsh truths about the horrible images of Black Women in America. Its these horrific images that I as well as every Black Woman have to fight everyday of our existence. Sadly, many of us Black Women repress our emotions to not be seen as the “Angry Black Woman” which has consequences as well. It is absolutely critical that Black Men and Women have conversations about this topic (there is also the “Angry Black Man” stereotype) and work together to build each other up by Keeping it 100.

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