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Summer is almost here! And with Memorial Day being the official start of Summer, it’s time to start thinking about getting out of the house and enjoying the Summertime sunny days and warm nights!

When you live in Los Angeles, the weather is always great; not to mention the days are longer. That means likely that you’ll be attending one or more of the events listed below:


  1. A Memorial Day BBQ
  2. A Father’s Day BBQ
  3. A Fourth of July BBQ
  4. A HBCU Reunion Beach Party
  5. The New Townhouse
  6. The Annual Pool Party (You Know the One Where No One Gets Wet?)
  7. The Free Summer Concert at the Park
  8. The Playboy Jazz Festival
  9. Class Reunions
  10. The Color Purple (Until June 17)
  11. Weddings (We all go to at least One Wedding During the Summer)
  12. LA County Museum of Art Jazz Nights
  13. Summer Movie Nights
  14. A Labor Day Weekend BBQ
  15. A White Linen Party
  16. A Black Party
  17. The Opening Night at the LA County Fair
  18. KeepingIt100 Summer Event


Let’s be honest here for a moment: those of us who are single and consider ourselves “Keepers” will be attending one or more of the events listed. And most of us, if not ALL of us, will be looking to meet and make new connections with the opposite sex.

The more we put ourselves out there and attend events and remain our true authentic selves, the greater the possibility to make that unique and special connection!

In addition to the previously mentioned list of upcoming summer parties and events, here are some great events to attend this Summer that you may not have thought about:

  • The King Tut Exhibit at the California Science Museum (Now-January 2019): I was fortunate as a kid in 1978 to see the original King Tut Exhibit of 55 artifacts; today there are 150 artifacts that are on display! This is an amazing, memorable, educational experience, not to mention it’s a great way to make new connections before the end of the year: This exhibit is one of the final appearances before it heads to Europe and then back to Egypt permanently. Remember Egypt is in Africa and not far from that place we would all love to visit: Wakanda.


  • Bill Picket Rodeo (Coming in July 2018): Believe it or Not, this is an Absolutely amazing and fun event! Not only do you see Black Cowboys and Cowgirls, but the finest food vendors and souvenir vendors show up for this event and believe me, this is one event where you will meet and greet some amazing, wonderful, Black Folks…TRUST ME.


  • The Keepingit100LA Summer Event (August, 2018): The vision for KeepingIt100 is Clear, Candid and sometimes Comical Communication Creating Couples and Community through Conversation—we believe that our efforts will serve as a catalyst for enlightenment between the sexes that will help bridge mutual understanding. We also believe that this can lead to more success in dating.  In the end, we hope this endeavor will lead to exclusive commitments and marriages and build healthier Black communities. It’s an event that you will be glad you attended…ONCE AGAIN TRUST ME.


I look forward to seeing and meeting all the “Keepers” at one or more of the events I mentioned by the end of the Summer!

And as always, I am just Keepingit100…

What’s on your summer to-do list?

It doesn’t matter if it’s Kool and the Gang or the Fresh Prince—these songs get the party started!”






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    Waves & Curls (Saturday August 18)
    A Natural Lifestyle Beach Festival
    A free Nappywood event

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    Hi Patrice! Thanks for letting us know!

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