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Watching this YouTube clip of Joy Reid and her guests on her MSNBC show says it all: Speaking for myself and so many women of African descent around the world.




I am still bubbling over with joy over the wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry who are now husband and wife and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Yes, I did wake up early Saturday morning to watch the wedding and yes I enjoyed every minute of it!

Why is this event so significant? Okay, here are some facts:

Well for starters, those of us who live in Los Angeles feel a very real connection: Meghan was raised in Los Angeles and her mother who is African American grew up in Los Angeles as well. No doubt that Meghan’s mother Doria Ragland, grounded Meghan in her blackness.

When it comes to online dating the studies are in and black women come near the bottom of the pile when it comes to finding love on mainstream dating sites like Match. Com and Tinder as most of the patrons of those sites are white men looking for a woman who shares his same racial background. That means for the most part, black women’s profiles are passed by. Men are also much more honest online: Black women in search of someone to date will encounter profiles that blatantly say “ no black women”. This does not mean that Black women can not find love online and of course there are Black dating websites, but what it means is that there are unique challenges for Black women.

Lets also recap on our KeepingIt100 Blog posted on April 11, 2018 called “Why Are Black Women So Angry?” In this five minute video clip, the women in the video are dissecting the stereotype of the angry black woman and its constant misinterpretation. This is a really very powerful video and it speaks the harsh truths about the horrible images of Black Women in America. Its these horrific images that I, as well as every Black Woman have to fight everyday of our existence.

To Prince Harry’s credit, he bucked protocol. He didn’t follow the rule that a woman’s value is either diminished by her age or race or bolstered by her ability to bear children. Most significantly, he has been steadfast in defending Meghan from racist attacks. Harry didn’t follow tradition like his father who looked for a fresh, fertile, young virgin as his bride. (Remember, Princess Diana was only 20 years old when she married Prince Charles.) Instead as mentioned in the video clip, Harry chose the woman he loves, who happens to also be closer to 40, a divorcee, an American actress, and yes, half-Black. This says A LOT and speaks VOLUMES: it’s inspiring and amazing all at once.
The wedding itself was amazing and Meghan was composed, beautiful, and elegant: Prince Harry certainly looked as though he was ready for the honeymoon to begin!

Our KeepingIt100 blog posted on January 30, 2018, (authored by Kerry Neal, Our KeepingIt100 Founder and Chief Social Change Agent) was called “Why I Love Black Women”:

“I have mad love for black women. I mean as much as it isn’t a crime to love or marry someone outside your own race, I have indoctrinated my sons to have a built-in passion for black women. And this is not something limited to black women’s physical beauty—but their beautiful strength and perseverance. Their tenacious approach to excellence. Their passion in disappointment and vulnerability in pain. Their creativity in famine and cleverness in abundance. Their brilliance to make their man look good even though the credit he receives is really a byproduct of the support she has given him.”

For all of the male “Keepers” I am sure that you already agree with Kerry that Black Women Are Queens who are truly desired and sought after. We really appreciate you!

Speaking for all of the Black Women who are “Keepers” we have already witnessed that Meghan is realizing the magnitude of her actions and using her overwhelmingly large new platform to create change. The royal wedding not only included a Black bishop but there was also a gospel choir who were given center stage to deliver powerful messages to the rest of the world.

Should we have expected anything less from Meghan? Of course not, as its already been stated many time over, she was raised by a QUEEN.

– Stephanie


Photo Source:  YouTube Screenshot

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