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I know it hasn’t been my typical style to consistently apply the relevance of pop culture lyrics to our Money Issues, but, thanks to OTRII last night you’ll just have to endure this second week of musical juxtaposition.

If you were anywhere in the vicinity of Pasadena this weekend, there was no escaping the fanfare of the BeyHive, the bumper to bumper traffic, the exorbitant parking rates and t-shirt sales – ALL WORTH IT, by the way.

And there’s one thing in particular – in the midst of all of the pandemonium- that was impossible to ignore… What being filthy rich looks like, smells like, and acts like – IN PARTNERSHIP.

“What’s better than one billionaire? Two (two)” Is it just me or do you guys love the sound of that?

It’s less about being money hungry and more about creating a mantra that celebrates the success of viable partnership.

“What’s better than one billionaire? Two (two)”

When you think about what we all grind for daily, it really boils down to elevating our familial legacy and the Carter’s undeniably are giving us this in real time.

Yes, there are plenty of wealthy individuals out there. Keyword: Individuals. Yes, there are wealthy families that have accumulated a massive net worth based off the talents or entrepreneurship of one savvy person. But two is just so much better than one.

This by no means is meant to be offensive to anyone that has come to the conclusion that they are better off alone or that it’s impossible to build a sustainable empire with someone else. However, I believe that there is an extremely compelling case to be made about the benefits of moving lock-step with your better half.

To be in lock-step is to be in close adherence to. It is a level of emulation that breeds a very specific, intentional result. When building a financial foundation with our partners it is imperative that we move in unison, maintaining a focus on what we are attempting to achieve as one unified force – all the while remaining true to our individual talent and purpose.

I’m sure we’ve all heard the phrase “a rising tide floats all boats”. Working in partnership to advance a mission benefits all involved. Now, if you are fan of Bey or Jay, or both, then you would definitely pay to see them on a solo tour. But, with OTR I and OTR II, they were able to leverage both fan bases at once because strategic partnerships help you expand your reach. Hence, the increase.

There are many forms of partnerships. However, in the case of relationships -all things being considered- should be more strategic than anything else. What are your short and long-term goals as a unit? What is the best way to go about achieving those goals in your designated time frame? What talents and expertise do both of you bring to the table that when combined create a force to be reckoned with?

And of course, as we’ve seen with Bey and Jay, even in the most lucrative partnerships adversity still has an opportunity to present itself and the potential of compromise is heightened. In this case, what mechanisms have been put in place to preserve or redirect the partnership? (Side note: by no means am I condoning what happened, as we know of, within their relationship. This is strictly referring to the most basic aspect of what partnerships entail).

Strategic partnerships undeniably strengthen weaker aspects of your relationship simply because there is strength in numbers – it’s greater than the sum of its parts.

This is why strategy must be involved. And strategy includes forward thinking.

OMG. Did I just insinuate that there is planning involved in relationships?

Absolutely; and although you may cringe at the idea of correlating marriage to a business – the likes of the Carter’s didn’t get to where they are without a plan.

Ok. So what’s your partnership situation lookin’ like?

Here’s some key questions to ask or consider:

What are the goals of this partnership? What problem would this partnership solve?

How can I help my partner? How can my partner help me?

Does my partner have the same understanding as I do about the partnership?

Is this the right partnership? Do you trust this person and what is the trust based off of?

How does your partner deal with conflict?


Keepers “What’s better than one billionaire? Two (two)” – but in the right PARTNERSHIP.

Let’s keep doing the work.



Photo Source: OTR Press Photography

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