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How are you doing today?

No, seriously. How are you doing today? Take the time to stop and honestly answer that question.

Many of you would say that you are fine. Even when you are not. Some of you are actually doing well; and you know it. It shows in your walk, your talk, and your attitude. But, for the most part, there is a vast majority of us that are unable to admit that you are not ok.

Now, I’d like to ask a more in-depth question.

How are you doing financially? Are you really fine? Let’s be honest. So many of us are afraid to talk about money because we are raised to think that bringing up anything financial or asking money-centric questions is taboo. If you ask a friend how much they earn, or maybe the rate on their mortgage, or how much of a down payment they made on their home it’s almost as if you are walking on thin ice and run the risk of being completely shut out and deemed as the nosey friend. Or that person that’s trying to one-up you. How about when your kids ask you how much you earn. Has that ever happened to you? For me, it felt so intrusive.


For all intents and purposes, we are discouraged from a very young age not to ask questions about money. To be honest with you, my great grandmother had one phrase that her legacy will carry throughout generations of our family – I am one hundred percent for certain. It was drilled into her children, and into my mother’s generation and then into my generation, and just for the sake of carrying on tradition I’ve even said it to my own children without acknowledging the detrimental impact it could have on them. If the entire Stamps family were sitting in one room and were asked what is the one thing Ethel Stamps always said, you would hear a resounding “your money is a military secret” – and a close second would be “don’t take no wooden nickels” but that phrase is for a whole other topic and very confusing. Really Ethel – a military secret. Which military? Because if we are talking about the 2018 version I am not so sure that my secret would be safe. Just ask Facebook.

Does keeping our financial habits, methods, and processes locked away in the depths of darkness (I know that sounds extreme but it’s likened to Ethel’s tone) really serve us and our family? Does that mentality help us or hinder us? How do we fix our financial situations if we are raised to keep our decisions held within an iron-clad fist? More importantly, how do we grow and build a sustainable legacy?

According to Fidelity, 43% of Americans do not know how much money their spouse earns. I personally think that is insane but obviously, enough of that Ethel mentality has been spread around to the point of millions of Americans employing military tactics within their own homes. But it’s time to break the silence and begin to have the conversations. The goal of Money Issues is to bring those topics to the forefront and serve as a platform to plow through the barriers – some seen and some invisible, that preclude you from making a life-changing financial move. The time is now.

Let’s be honest. Let’s set goals. Let’s achieve those goals. Let’s build wealth. Let’s create a legacy.

Surround yourself with likeminded people this Saturday for our Money Issues Master Class.

Let’s keep doing the work.


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  • Stephanie L Farmer

    I had no idea that 43% of married couples do not know how much their spouse makes…wow..all I can think about are the what ifs.. what if one or both lose their jobs then what?

  • Kerry Neal


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