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Urban Dictionary Definition: “Boo’d Up”: In a Relationship with Someone

One of my ex-boyfriends used to call me “Boo” as we first heard the term on the TV show Martin back in the early 90’s.  I loved it as I knew it meant that he was in a good mood and I could always look forward to what came along with his good mood.

I mistakenly thought the term would fade away just like the high top fade that was popular in the early 90’s…but…

The term “Boo” and now “Bae” are so commonly used to describe someone’s relationship status that they are household words.  People even combine the two words and say “Boobae” which really emphasizes the seriousness of the relationship!

Who knew that the words (singular or combined) would still be so significant today?

There is even music that has been made over the last 25 years with the word “Boo” or “Bae” that is a part of our life’s soundtrack:

Boyz to Men made song called “Boo’ed Up”

Usher Made a song with Alicia Keys called “My Boo”

There is even a song in 2018 that has been jumping off the charts all year by a singer named Ella Mae called “Boo’d Up”  that even gets men feeling all some kind way when they hear it…

We all know how wonderful it is to be Boo’d up and spending time with your significant other but I want to emphasize that it’s important to also maintain a healthy balance of being independent as well. As a matter of fact, maintaining your independence is what keeps you attractive to your mate.

I consistently hear this from men all of the time  who feel that  the most attractive quality about a women was her independence to be successful in her own way and not just being clingy. (HINT)

I consistently hear this from women who desire a man that has independence, assertiveness, and courage. (HINT)

See how the word independence is used for what both men and women desire?

A relationship is a partnership indeed, but do not lose your individuality: in fact, the best relationships are those in which both partners appreciate and support each other’s interests.

To my Keepers, that are Boo’d up I wish you well on your journey, to  my Keepers who are looking to be Boo’d up, keep the faith…your “Boobae” is coming soon!

Let’s all remember, no matter what your relationship status is, keep doing you and be the best version of you!


Just KeepingIt100,



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Ella Mae:

Boyz to Men:


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