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If you do the research, you’ll find…


Don’t do the research. Just think about it for a minute.

African American men have the worst stereotyped reputation than any other ethnic male or female globally.  It’s not even close.  Just think about it.  If we dress down, we are thought to be thugs.  If we dress up, we are assumed to be the “help”, a valet person or hired driver.  

I remember sitting in the bar area of my hotel while visiting Chicago—just minding my own business surfing social media.  I was dressed casually.  A young woman (non-black), who I don’t know from Adam, walks up to me and says, “Can I give me some assistance getting my bags to my room?” Another incident comes to mind: I formally drove a very nice Black SUV.  Heading to work (I typically wear a suit going to work), I decided to stop at the car wash.  The worker at the car wash walks up and asks me what type of car wash I preferred.  After the exchange, he then asked me (non-Black person), “So—what company do you drive for?”  

This is on top of the international stereotype that all we do is listen to rap music (It kills me that every time I get into an Uber of Lyft, they switch their music not to hip hop/rap (which I do love, by the way.  I just find it strange that automatically switch their station to POWER 106 of 92.3).  Additionally, we are assumed to be non-educated, rapists, muggers, dead beat dads, bad credit, criminal record, and can’t articulate our words correctly.  But we are known for being amazingly athletic, great dancers and well endowed.  

I guess I should be happy the athletic/dancing/well-endowed sweeping generalizations, but it’s all still pretty insulting to me.

But despite all of this, I couldn’t be more thrilled to be a Black Man in America!  Matter of fact, I have 5 reasons why I love being a Black Man.

  • 1) As a Black man, I’m associated with some pretty extraordinary dudes. I’m in the company of Nelson Mandela, MLK, Malcolm X, Barack Obama, Jesus (sorry to break the news to all of you but not only was Jesus black but He also had nappy hair), Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Denzel Washington, Senator Cory Booker, Harry Belafonte, LeBron James, Bishop Kenneth C. Ulmer of Faithful Central Bible Church, etc.  The list goes on and on.  All of these men have inspired me in some way or another.  And when I am confronted with comments and questions of stupidity, I recognize that these Black men went through the same thing if not worst and still achieved greatness.
  • 2) I love the pressure that comes with being a Black man.I remember attending college for undergrad and being the only black male in ALL of my classes.  Maybe there was one racially ambiguous guy in my lower division Geology class but that was it.  Then I get to the professional workplace.  Again—only black male.  I could go on and on.  Even when traveling (except when flying to Atlanta), rarely are we as black men present.  Thus, I feel as though I have to make sure that my behavior isn’t consistent with the stereotype.  But I love that.  I love that I have the chance to show others that the negative inferences made about black men are completely not consistent.  Don’t get me wrong—I’d love to see more black men on the forefront of everything—from politics, education, or life in general.  But until that is more mainstream, it’s important that we rise to the challenge.
  • 3) I love being a Black father. I have to say—if there’s one thing I’ll brag on will be my kids.  My best work to date. I have a young son who’s a certified genius, a daughter that has adult-like world understanding, another daughter who’s a great mom, and two sons who are attending college on full-ride football scholarships.  Now don’t get it twisted—they are all far from perfect.  But God has blessed me to be in position to steward his creation as their dad and I don’t take that lightly.
  • 4) As Black men, we are ALWAYS noticed…And, that’s by everyone.  We are the elephants at the ant convention.  We stand out.  I know I know—it’s not always positive.  But because negativity follows us and we are always noticed, it’s also a unique opportunity to make a difference.  We have a built-in platform just based on the fact that everyone wants to hear what we have to say (you know—how articulate we are) as well as other simple things that might surprise other non-Black people such as having an education, ability to think critically, and understand the stock market and investment strategies.  What do you know.
  • 5) Black men are generally preferred by Black women. There’s nothing more amazing and beautiful on this planet than black women.  Their curves, full natural full lips, sense of rhythm, style, low tolerance for BS, savviness, and allegiance—along with her exceptional intelligence and diligent work ethic, makes black women, in my opinion, the most incredible organic species God has created.  And to think—most Black women prefers a male mate that is Black.  Despite our differences and times of conflict, a Black woman love cannot be compared!  

Being Black may not be easy…but it sure feels good!


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