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Can you believe it? 

Seems like it was just last week we were singing Auld Lang Syne at the stroke of midnight, toasting our champagne flutes while hugging everyone as we welcomed the New Year.  And now, in a couple of days, we will be saying goodbye to January and ushering in February.  And with the month of February, we are a couple of weeks away from Valentine’s Day!

Well, whether it was your New Year’s Resolution to start fresh and healthy for a relationship or not, whether it’s Valentine’s Day or Halloween, there is empirical and qualitative proof that the impression you give in the opening moments of meeting someone can either attract a person to you or make the person want to avoid you.

Now you’ve likely heard the expression, “You’ve got 2 seconds to make a first impression,” and likely more commonly associated in the business world.  Or preparing for an interview.  Do not fool yourself—it applies big time when it comes to love.

I know what some of you may be thinking—particularly as it pertains to a physically attractive woman, that this rule isn’t always true.  Well, this especially applies to physically attractive women.

You see—even if the woman is fine, as men, while you may have our attention, we also want to get a sense of your approachability. This means do you appear to be open to a welcomed greeting.  Some guys are bold enough to approach a woman whether she’s smiling or not.  But whether they remain engaged in their interest is completely driven by her welcoming presence.  And trust me—dying beauty or not, if the woman’s attitude is perceived to be one of entitlement, self-preservation, and aloofness, we men can lose interest in a New York minute.

Additionally, some women have an aura that screams, “Keep away from me!”  That’s great if you’re in a committed relationship and not trying give any sense that you’re open to explore.  But it’s bad when you really do want love but your outer self is in defense mold. 

How can you fix this?  Easy Peasy.


Even women, who men may not find immediately physically attractive, can be impressed by a woman who just seems to be positive and is generally upbeat and smiles frequently.  Moreover, it’s not just you are showing off your pearly whites—it’s that eye contact!  Trust me on this, ladies—it works.  Matter of fact, there are women who get approached often—even if they are married or in a committed relationship—just based on the notion of the positivity she exudes.  To be honest, some men will mistake a nice smile and welcoming presence for a woman liking them.  This clearly isn’t the case all the time. 

The other thing is getting feedback from your trusted circle of friends.  Not those who you sense are not up to any good.  But those who you are certain have your back and your best interest at heart.  Ask them to be brutally honest and say, “Do you think I have a welcoming disposition?”  And if you have male counterparts who also fall into this category of being a trusted friend, even better.  But be ready for honest feedback and even more so than anything, be ready to make needed changes.  Some of the changes needed may exist because you may be holding on to a past hurt and unforgiveness. Or something else is driving your unhappiness. Wearing all the make up and surrounding yourself with expensive things can’t mask your buried pain.  Everyone can see it.

There’s nothing deep or insightful about this blog.  It’s more so just a reminder.  Everybody wants to be around someone who smiles.  Try it.


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