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Hello Keepers!

Relationships are a lot of work but definitely worth the time and energy when you love one another. However, most, if not all of us have been through a breakup and healing from a breakup is not easy, particularly during this most unconventional year ever, 2020.

The opportunity to try new things and meet new people has made many of us feel stagnant given that many places are closed. Sometimes this leads to a day being lived within the confines of your imagination and when you are going through a break up, your mind is going to be recycling thoughts around and around as it’s adapting to the loss.

During this tough time it is important that you focus on self-love and healing while getting over your ex and it can be done.

Here are some considerations/ideas that will help you heal and move on:

Write it Down:  Those thoughts that keep getting recycled about your relationship can be written down in a private journal to help you to cancel out the thoughts that you can’t stop thinking about. Do Not Send this Journal to Anyone, Especially the Person You Broke Up With.

Exercise: This is important for your mental and physical health. You will also improve your self-esteem for being ready for the next relationship.

Do Not Look at Your Ex’s Social Media: There will be a natural tendency to look at more social media and the internet while sheltered at home but you must remember, looking at your ex’s social media will do nothing but upset you no matter what is posted or not posted.

Read More: A Book/Magazine Article/Journal will reinforce a relationship between your mind and what is on the page. Your mind will become stimulated with new ideas.

Flip the Script: Rather than being defensive minded, realize that it’s best to agree with the end of the relationship. Remember, you are not perfect just like your ex was not perfect either. Think about the reasons for the break-up and gain a perspective and learning. Also remember that even though you may not have been the one to ask for the breakup, your ex probably had been thinking about breaking up for a while and was just as pained thinking about hurting your feelings prior to the breakup. Despite how things seem, breakups are hard on both parties, especially for longer term relationships that have ended.

Participate in Lectures and Live Discussions: Given the circumstances we are in, there are fewer opportunities for meeting people. Talking to other people can help you rebuild your self-esteem. Many major reputable Universities are offering free discussions about Health, Wealth and Well Being as well as Community Organizations. The possibilities are endless!

Indulge in Your Personal Interests and Passions: It is important to remember who you were before you met your ex and pursue those activities that were put on the back burner. This is the time to enrich and invigorate yourself to be rewarded going forward.

Spend Time with Friends: Do not isolate yourself! Texts, Facetime, Zoom are good means for staying in touch with friends who care about you. Do not spend time talking about your misery, ask friends about themselves. It helps to know that everyone has challenges in life. Remain as social as you can under the circumstances.

Set Goals for the Future: Long term goals give your life purpose and meaning for alignment at your core. Never give up on your dreams and ambitions and passions.

Be Kind to Yourself: It’s easy to feel that you are not good enough after a break-up. Accept the fact that you will have bad days and it’s okay to feel bad and let that feeling out. Focus on the light at the end of the tunnel and remember that you have persevered before and you will persevere again, You are the common denominator of your greatest accomplishments in life!

Remember, the road to healing after a break-up is to become the best version of yourself: take the opportunity to focus your energy appropriately.

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