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Ayesha Goodall is an author, speaker, and wellness expert from Los Angeles, California. With a professional background in Psychology, she has embraced an indestructible passion to empower others through her signature brand, “ZenFit w/Coach Eesh,” which promotes mind & body connectivity to fitness & nutrition.

As a Supermom of three, Ayesha has the pleasure of balancing single motherhood as she empowers other single moms worldwide to embrace their power and walk in their purpose with her incredible philanthropic foundation, “Repairing Roses.”

“EMPOWER. ENLIGHTEN. ELEVATE.” is this fearless entrepreneur’s mantra as she transforms the minds of her audience.

This new book, Dating the Single Mom takes us on a journey that both Men and women can benefit from as its content focuses on “What Men Need to Know and what Women Need to Do”. Dating the Single Mom is an irresistible anthology full of life lessons learned by seven fearless single moms and one valiant man empowering single moms to prepare for their purpose partner with helpful tips for men who want to find them!

You can go directly to Ayesha’s website for the purchase of the book and to join the community:

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