Meet the Travel Nurses Saving Californians One Vaccination at a Time

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Los Angeles Times

As we close out Women’s History Month, we wanted to highlight an incredible story about Travel Nurses coming from all over the Unites States to aid overburdened healthcare systems. As of mid-March, the California Department of Public Health has deployed nearly 2,000 travel nurses across the state to help vaccinate Californians for Covid-19.

These women (90% of them being African American) are working as first responders and are living apart from their children and families. They are vaccinating as many as 1,000 people per day and working six days a week.

The motto for these traveling nurses is simple: ““It’s important to save as many lives as I can possibly save. One vaccination at a time.”

Lets salute these ladies and all first responders who are sacrificing their lives to ensure that people are vaccinated and staying safe and healthy.

In the coming weeks more Americans will be eligible for the vaccine and we encourage everyone to get vaccinated!

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Video Courtesy of YouTube and the Los Angeles Times

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