5 Historical Black Beaches to Visit in the US

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As Covid-19 Restrictions are being lifted, and more people are being vaccinated, travel plans are certainly on the table. Why not visit a historical Black beach during the summer?

When segregation was the law of the land, resort towns started popping up around the US that accommodated Black beach goers.

When we think of Black history often times vacation destinations are left out of our dialogue. Our past is well documented with stories of slavery, plantations, and oppressive realities yet little do we hear about how some of our ancestors and those who came before us got to celebrate their lives.

There’s an age old saying that us Black folks can’t swim. Not many ever stop to think about where that came from. African-Americans were segregated from public swimming pools but before that we were among the shores. Black land then became white sand.

While many of the historic Black beaches in America have seen gentrification and lack of restoration, there are a few which still remain as active and flourishing destinations that you can spend your dollars and enjoy a great time.

These are just 5 of them.

Video Courtesy of YouTube and Black Excellence

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