Mental Health & Trauma in the Wake of George Floyd Verdict

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Dr. Cheyenne Bryant is a Psychology Expert and Life Coach. Dr. Bryant’s mission is to spread her message and expertise on how to lead a healthier, happier, balanced and more fulfilling life. For years, she has shared her wisdom, awareness, mastery, and insight through her private practice, book, lectures, workshops, and assisting individuals with life impairments and challenges.

In this segment which was featured on Spectrum TV in the Los Angeles Area, Dr. Bryant provides a very insightful perspective about how the George Floyd verdict affects the African American Community and the entire Community at large to raise awareness about the continued healing that is needed in the African American Community.

America’s conversation on race and police has taken years to reach this point. It may be years before we see some sense of resolution.

But clearly, this could be a start.

Picture Courtesy of Dr. Cheyenne Bryant, Video Courtesy of Spectrum News and YouTube

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