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Hello Keepers,

Okay, I will admit, I have always been curious.

My family and friends can certainly back me up on this one. LOL.

 I have always had curiosity about how men feel about relationship topics…

My curiosity stems from the fact that men get stereotyped as being only attracted to a woman based upon her looks alone, they only want a woman who does not intimidate them, they are commitment phobic, etc.

Well, it can definitely be said that not all men are the same so I would definitely entertain a panel of men to answer some questions that I have about relationships and get some great insight into the fact that men have the same interest in relationships as we ladies do…it may be a matter of timing in many cases. I also know from experience that men can be deep: the right woman can bring out a man’s vulnerability.

I have always been curious about why men and women do not spend more time asking each other questions about relationship topics. I mean, in my opinion learning how to become good husbands and wives should be taught as we are growing up in school, seriously, this is my opinion. I believe that both men and women have assumptions and stereotypes about each other and meaningful dialogue and discussion is always essential.

So I am going to share ten questions that I would love to ask a diverse panel of men as I know I would get a variety of interesting responses. My questions are the following:

  1. How important is it for a woman to take your last name if you were getting married?
  2. How do you feel when you see a stunning black woman with a nonblack man what are your initial assumptions about the man?
  3. How do you feel about a woman of interest who makes considerably more money than you?
  4. Have you ever felt intimidated when you first met a very highly attractive and successful woman?
  5. What misconceptions if any did you have to reevaluate in your life about black women?
  6. How would you feel if a woman asked you to sign a prenuptial agreement please be honest.
  7. What are the things you take note of within the first five minutes of meeting a woman?
  8. Describe the dream vacation you would like to have with the special lady in your life into sentences.
  9. Do you think it’s absolutely important to live with someone first before marriage?
  10. Do you feel there is a such thing as love at first sight and in your experience do you think it lasts?

Of course, these are just MY ten questions! I am certain I am not speaking for all of the ladies out there who have more intriguing and engaging questions than I have shared!

Ladies…If you could ask a guy any question that you wanted, what would you ask?

But in the meantime, gentlemen, are you ready to respond to my questions? I would LOVE your feedback!

But better yet…what would men like to ask ladies or want us to know about men?

I am putting these questions out there because I believe that the more that men and women communicate the better we are at creating couples, marriages and community. This is what Keeping it 100LA is all about and we strive to create a platform for an emotionally safe environment that both men and women can feel comfortable in to have honest, dialogue about relationships topics and debunk stereotypes and myths that keep men and women apart.

Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s talk!!!

Just Keeping it 100,


Picture Courtesy of @domoniqueutley

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