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Hello Keepers,

So for starters, let me define Date Night (most common definition): A date night is an occasion where a couple dedicates time to be spent together, usually alone, with the purpose of reconnecting and bonding. A date night usually consists of a main activity, such as a dinner and/or a movie, or a few activities planned one after the other. However, most importantly, it can be anything you want it to be.

Many times as life’s responsibilities creep up, date night is one of the first things to go. We feel like we are “close enough” to our partners or like having a date night is a luxury, rather than a necessary part of a happy and healthy relationship. Moreover,even when we do want to have a date night, who has the time? We are exhausted after a long day, we just want to lay down and relax.

For anyone who is in a relationship with a significant other (committed, engaged, or married) date night is important.

Here are five research-based reasons for why date night is important:

You will each be happier: When you spend time each week with your significant other, you let them know they matter to you. In addition, when they accept your invitation, you know they are prioritizing you too. For women who spend time with their significant other every week, they are 4 times happier than women who do not spend this kind of time with their significant other. For men, they are 2.5 times happier than men who do notfocus on their significant other at least once a week.

You will be investing in keeping your relationship secure and if you are married divorce proofing your marriage: This may seem obvious, but if you do not spend time with your significant other, you are more likely that to contemplate breaking up/divorce. Couples who do not have at least one mutually meaningful connection a week are at greater risk for breaking up/divorce. The women in these couples are 4 times more likely to initiate breaking up/divorce and the men are 2.5 times more prone to initiate breaking up/divorce when compared to couples who regularly take time every week to connect.

Your sex life will be better: When you make the investment to consistently spend time together every week, you will feel closer to your mate and you will find them more attractive too. This combination makes for great sex! The research shows that sexual satisfaction for men is 3.3 times greater and for women is 3.5 times greater simply because of making the commitment to connect with each other every week.

Women have increased satisfaction in their relationship/marriage: Women tend to need more social connection than men do. In addition, when their significant otherregularly prioritizes time with them, women generally feel more connected, supported, and safe. Social scientists have found that women who spend at least one period of “couple time” a week with their significant other are as much as 7 times happier in their relationship/marriage.

If you share children together, your children will have a better childhood: When you and your significant other are reaping the obvious and these subtle benefits of spending time together, you will be less likely to persistently argue. The decreased propensity for sustained tension in your household makes it easier for you both to establish warm, effective relationships with your children. When your kids feel confident in your love for them, they have fewer academic problems, fewer symptoms of anxiety and depression, and less anger and aggression in their peer relationships.

The benefits for having fun together as a couple are immense. Moreover, it is most likely that they outweigh the benefits you receive from your over-scheduled calendar, taking your significant other for granted, or prioritizing someone or something else above your relationship with the person you chose to love and be committed to…

Date night does not have to be complicated. You do not need a fancy restaurant, or expensive clothes. Date night should be about reconnecting with your partner and strengthening the bond that you share. It is these small moments that build a lasting relationship and keep you close as opposed to drifting away from the lack of intimacy. Remember how excited you were to go on dates with your partner when you first got together? Do not let that goKeep that excitement and butterflies alive. Keep dating.

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