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I was watching a video clip advertising a card game for couples. I thought it was a pretty clever idea. Couples can often struggle with communication for various reasons, and this card game is a way to assist couples in getting re-engage with one another. Not to mention that even if a couple has good communication and interaction, the card game appears to be a recreational alternative to fortify their existing bond. And when I tell you the commercial showcases how the game can be great at strengthening an already excellent relationship, I genuinely mean that. 

The card game is pretty simple; one person randomly picks a card and asks their partner the question on the card. As you can imagine, the card game questions provoke deep levels of thinking that lead to understanding your partner better.

Allow me to re-enact that interaction. 

The woman in the commercial picks a card and asks her partner, “Why do you love me?” After she read it, she says to her guy, “Well, that’s a pretty simple question.” But then the guy says, “Well, it is a simple question, but my response is not simple.” So, the guy is quiet for a few seconds as he digs down mentally to find the right words to express to her, “Why does he love her?”

Then he says, “Because how you love me.”

He begins to explain how she has this unconditional love and support for him and demonstrates it in various ways. He even characterizes their love as “God engineered.” But if all of that wasn’t enough to convey to his woman, this is what he said that stopped me in my tracks and has given me a new bar in which to gauge who could be the right woman for me to spend my life with. Here’s what he said:

When the world starts to weigh on me, you breathe life in me.

To be straight up with you who are reading this, I fought back the tears when he said that. Unexpectedly and uncannily, this guy hit the bullseye in terms of curating a response of why he loves his woman that I would say represents my feelings. And dammit, I want that same type of woman as well—a woman who can breathe life in me. Moreover, I will go out on a limb and suggest that 100 percent of all men desire a woman to say the same thing. Men, please correct me if I’m wrong?

Now, this does not mean either person will be devoid of mistakes, imperfections, and moments either one is not at their best. To expect perfection and flawlessness is unreasonable on all levels. But a sense that a person is in your corner, particularly when times are not the best, suggests that the two of you have a great chance to make it for the long run.

Ask yourself this question, especially if you’re exploring a relationship with someone right now: Can you say that you believe you breathe life into your partner or that your partner breathes life into you?


Picture Courtesy of @black couple revolution

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