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Hello Keepers,

It’s that time of year again for family gatherings because of the holiday season.

Thanksgiving 2021 will be different from Thanksgiving 2020 in the following ways:

·       Bigger Family Gatherings

·       Travel Volume at Airports Expected to Double

·       More In Person Foot Traffic for Black Friday Shopping

So what this means is that for most of us we can look forward to enjoying a good meal (Turkey, Greens, Dressing, Sweet Potato Pie, Macaroni and Cheese, etc.) and the conversation which can be fun and keep you laughing all night.

But of course for others, it may mean the stereotypical sometimes dreaded questions as follows:

·       When Are You GettingMarried?

·       When Are You Having Kids?

·       Who Did You Vote For in the last Presidential Election?

·       Did You Even Vote at All in the last Presidential Election?

·       Who Made the Dressing?

·       Who Is Your Guest?


Let’s not forget to mention if we have relatives that do not get along such as in laws, siblings, or cousins who you may question if they are really related to you and you try to host everyone in the same space out of obligation.

But more importantly, one question that may be lingering in everyone’s mind is whether or not to stipulate that guests coming to your house have to be vaccinated for the Covid-19 Vaccine or at least got the Flu Shot…

Ok for now, we will not debate about vaccines…LOL

Let’s assume that you are having a traditional gathering and you want to have new subjects to discuss.

Here are a few topics that won’t stir the pot and that are super important to the black community:

Family Traditions: Whether it’s a family crest or a photobook passed down for generations, make sure to talk about your family traditions this Thanksgiving. It’s a great way to preserve and educate the younger generation about your family’s history.

Finances: Bitcoin, stocks, trusts, college savings, you name it! Black families need to talk more about finances and saving for the future. Ask your other family members what kind of financial brands they use to stash away money for vacations or big life goals like buying a house. Now to be clear you don’t have to go into super detail and ask your family members how much money they make, that would be rude, right? But getting advice on how they handle finances might be a great way for you to start organizing your own coins.

Health: Diabetes, high blood pressure, hypertension, and a number of diseases plague the Black community’s health. Have a conversation about some of your family’s genetic diseases. It could help to save your loved one’s life. Ask about the signs they had prior to being diagnosed with their condition and ways that you could potentially prevent getting sick.

Estate Planning: This might seem a little morbid but now that the family is together it might be a good time to talk about estate planning for the elder generation. Do mom and dad have a will in place that will detail how they want their assets, trusts, or property split when they have passed on? If not, get together as a family and start coming up with ideas. It doesn’t have to be super formal if your loved one is still in good health, but life is unpredictable, and you want to make sure you’re openly discussing these realities as a family unit so when the time does come, you won’t have any unnecessary family drama.

Plan Your Next Family Vacation: Thanksgiving and Christmas don’t have to be the only time that the family gets together. Talk about planning your next big family outing whether it’s a sweet family getaway to a cool resort or a nice cruise. Spending time with your family is so precious, and it’s important that we create fun and loving memories with our families to cherish.

Okay…what if you bring a new significant other to Thanksgiving dinner?

Well in all honesty, Thanksgiving is a good holiday and time to bring someone new. Given that Thanksgiving is a fun holiday you are actually going to stack the deck in your favor. Most everyone will be in a festive mood and unlike other holidays, Thanksgiving does not have a religious affiliation so there should be minimal awkwardness.

If you have a small family, then it’s best to have comfortable conversations around the table about hobbies, interests, and dream vacations. Everyone will be more relaxed…trust me…

No matter what your plans are…have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Just Keeping it 100,


Picture Courtesy of @blackcouplesrevolution

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