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Hello Keepers,

The summer is almost here and now that events are starting to happen again, it means that there is opportunity to attend or travel to a beautiful setting and enjoy a wonderful musical event with an audience of like-minded people.

When I saw that the Coachella Festival was happening this past month it reminded me of all of the music festivals that have been  popular during my lifetime such as the Essence Music Festival, Playboy Jazz Festival, Newport Beach Jazz Festival, Smooth Jazz Festival and the wildly popular 90’s era Sinbad Summer Jam which would take place at Caribbean Islands and has been replaced with the Soul Beach Music Festival. Aww…the memories!

In my younger days, Music Festivals were always considered to be a great place to meet someone new and special. And why not? If you have similar musical tastes as someone chances are you will more than likely be compatible. In fact, several of my men friends have shared with me that music festivals were one of the safe spaces they used to meet women. It’s also a place where you will see a variety of men in groups other than at a sporting event. Well…there is still a lot of truth to this: now that events are happening again, Tinder, the popular dating site, has brought back “Festival Mode” , a feature that allows you to connect with people who are planning to go to the same event as you.

So now that the Spring is in full gear and the summer is coming, why not attend a music festival and put yourself in a new space and place? Plus, you can be relaxed and it’s a low anxiety place to make new connections. 

It’s quite easy to start a great conversation with someone when your favorite artist is performing and when you are walking around exploring the venue. It’s also fun to be in the moment and just have a great time!

So if you are thinking about attending a musical festival please keep in mind that its definitely ok to use your phone to snap pictures or create videos but the less you use your phone, the more approachable you will be…LOL!

Lastly, who can forget the marriage proposal that took place during Adeles “One Night Only” concert special last fall when Quentin Brunson sprung a surprise proposal to Ashleigh Mann and Adele serenaded the couple while they took front row seats among Lizzo and Melissa McCarthy in Los Angeles at Griffith Observatory.

So I hope you all are ready for an amazing summer given that things are almost back to the way they were…and remember, there are many people looking for love organically and are open to meeting someone the old fashioned way…and a music festival is a great setting for that old fashioned love connection and a marriage proposal!

Just Keeping it 💯,


Picture Courtesy of Ashleigh Mann

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